Healing Hands Youth Ranch experienced its humble beginnings in 2008 when Jennifer and Len Simonis chose to pour their lives into an idea. Building upon this simple thought, the pair has turned what seemed to be an idealistic dream to reality. Jennifer's volunteer heart combined with Len's dedicated character has been key to Healing Hands existence.


If you have a desire to help out children in need and help them succeed, we will provide you with all the tools necessary to help them succeed. Very little horse knowledge is necessary. We provide ongoing training using Natural Horsemanship methods to ensure that you and the child will be safe around horses and will provide the knowledge to see how the horse is helping to connect with your assigned child.

Volunteering to mentor is an on-going investment of your time. Each Saturday morning is our volunteer training sessions where we go over working with horses and learning about how to adapt to our training techniques.

Sessions themselves are 10 weeks in length and are 90 minutes each, which occur in the evening after school or on weekends.

That being said, the feeling that you have when get a breakthrough with a child makes it all worthwhile.

If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer form bellow. Understand that all volunteers have to be verified using a background check.

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If you are coming to visit us to take a look at how we operate, please fill out this short volunteer visit form.

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Does the ranch offer any financial assistance to volunteers?

At this time, Healing Hands does not have the ability to assist volunteers with food, housing, or traveling expenses. However, expenses related to volunteer activities may be tax deductible. Please contact your CPA or consult the IRS for further information.

Can I bring my children when I volunteer?

Of course! Kids are what we are all about. We do not have childcare, however. It is a volunteer’s responsibility to watch their children while they are here, and a close eye is necessary as there are many fun and dangerous things to play with here at the ranch.

Why is there so much maintenance work to be done at the ranch?

Healing Hands Youth Ranch is provided on a working horse boarding facility. Our beautification process still continues today. Consequently, much of the volunteer work available involves improving the appearance of the ranch. Apart from our efforts to make HHYR a beautiful place, it is a ranch! By definition there is always plenty of work to be done.

Junior Volunteers

If you are between 14 and 18 and looking for an opportunity to get more involved, you may be eligible to volunteer. To ensure everyone has a chance to learn and is safe, we will be limiting the number of junior volunteers we have.

It is our goal to teach ranching skills to our junior volunteers. Volunteering sessions will always include physical labor, but may also include informal classes on a number of topics including horsemanship, ranch maintenance, gardening, etc. Junior volunteers will also have less independent choice regarding activities they will take part in while at the ranch.

It will be the goal of each volunteer to graduate to the point they are able to take on a less experienced volunteer and to teach them what they know about serving at the ranch. Readiness for this responsibility will be determined both by our staff and each volunteer.

If you are interested, please fill out the volunteer form below.

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